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Appreciate yourself this Valentine's


Appreciate yourself this Valentine's

Jasmine Stacey

Valentine’s day is a day that we believe the person that should be appreciated and celebrated is YOU. You do not need validation from anyone else to make this day worthwhile? Emphasis is placed on being in a relationship… but how about creating a loving relationship with yourself?

Obviously, there is a large focus on wearing lingerie for your partner on Valentine’s Day but with our lingerie it is all about you, every day. However, for some of you it may be just be the day to embrace your scars, bag or body hang-ups and strut out in your lingerie… guess what we’ve got you covered, well partly.

Cyndi Lauper said ‘Girls just wanna have fun?’ so why the hell not? Make the experience of buying lingerie exciting…. Push those boundaries, choose something that you think you would NEVER usually wear and wear it with pride. Turn that music up loud and admire everything your body has been through. Take time to observe how your body has changed, be it, with childbirth, surgery, change in size or maybe just a lack in body confidence due to societal pressures. Take the time to check yourself out, and say out loud “I AM BLOODY GORGEOUS & WORTHY OF SELF LOVE”


Candles & Crème Brulee : You like to keep it soft, sensual with a slightly harder shell to crack. So, warm it up with The Floral Brief. We selected this set for it’s visually beautiful silk and classic aesthetic. This set gives you more coverage but it does not disappoint on sexiness. Adding the Floral Harness Bra gives a soft bondage edge to a demure set. Whilst if you fancy being a little more revealing you can opt for the Ouvert Floral Brief which can stay on for intimate times.

Whipped Cream & Mischief : You like to push boundaries, keep the vibe playful but all the while know what you are after. So we selected the Red Bow Ouvert Brief – this brief screams playful & naughty all at once. The bow can be seductively undone, the brief can remain on during intimate moments and the adjustable straps, removable straps all add to the excitement. All you need is the cream….

Hand Cuffs : You know full well what you want & you’re getting it. The Black Classic Ouvert is the one for you. Teamed with a Black Harness Bra  this risqué look is perfect for putting those cuffs to good use.

Whether you’re spending the night with a lover, partner or yourself just know that any lingerie you buy is always for YOU. Anyone else you choose to appreciate it, can wait after you have finished enjoying it yourself….