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After surgery do we need to change our underwear?


After surgery do we need to change our underwear?

Stephie Simpson

Jasmine Stacey Collection

We as women generally like to look and feel nice, sexy even! That is no different for us “osto-ladies”, by no means are we saying that you have to change your entire lingerie drawer now you have a stoma, but you may have different needs from your lingerie than you did before. For all of you that haven’t yet had surgery this post is filled with insights from ladies that have stomas and their reasons for deciding to wear ostomy lingerie. Having surgery, or preparing for it, is daunting but a little personal experience sharing does wonders and can put a lot of you at ease.

So we conducted a little survey over a week, aiming at women with stomas. The women had a variety of stomas; ileostomy (72% stoma from the small intestine) colostomy (12% stoma from the large intestine) urostomy/ileal conduit (8% stoma often replacing the bladder) “double bagger” (6% ladies with two stomas). The broad range of stoma's included in this survey gives an insight into all the different stomas that are out there and hopefully will cover everyone reading this post today!

Ostomy lingerie is generally high waisted as some stomas are situated higher up on the abdomen and in line with your belly button. Many women mentioned that the location of their stoma was a factor in deciding which lingerie to buy. A lot of the women said that their stomas were high up so therefore preferred higher waisted lingerie.

However, we are all individuals and the brand of the bags/pouches that we wear vary in shape, size and colour this too must be factored in when deciding what is best for you. Our own shapes and sizes can affect the underwear we wear too. Stephie (Colitis to Ostomy) sheds light on this "Before I had my surgeries and my two children, I used to like wearing French knickers and “boy shorts” but because of the way my scars healed I have an overhang of stomach, which means I now prefer larger knickers to try to smooth this out, this has made having my stoma easier in that department"

 Stephie wears the  Ravine Body Suit £60.00  

Stephie wears the Ravine Body Suit £60.00 

Comfort was the number one thing that women look for in ostomy lingerie. This can be for many reasons; for instance the location as previously mentioned, type and whether the underwear affects the flow of the output (faeces or urine). Some women have prolapsed stomas (where the intestine comes out of the body more than normal) which can make tighter lingerie cause unnecessary pain to the stoma site. Rachel (Rocking 2 Stomas) has two stomas; a large prolapsed ileostomy and a urostomy. Here is her view on JSC underwear  "The underwear makes me feel like a goddess! I feel confident and sexy again and I never thought that could happen when I got my 2nd stoma bag! Not only do I love Jasmines underwear but my partner loves them as well. I feel like a million dollars and my confidence has just grown and grown"

We all have different tastes and it would be a very boring world if we didn’t, so having a range of styles, designs and the option of matching underwear is a big thing with many women. What we want out of lingerie varies such as disguising scars, stomas, “mum tums” for security and comfort to a confidence boost and sex appeal.

Jasmine herself has an ileostomy due to Crohn's disease and knows first hand how important it is to feel sexy, confident and feminine after surgery. The lingerie is designed to provide a platform to confidence and acceptance of the stoma bag itself.  Due to the clinical look of the stoma bag itself, having gorgeous laces, silks and fabrics adorning it can make it a hella lot easier to cope with! 

So if you are daunted by the fact that you have been told that you can not wear your skimpy thongs again, fear not, That is not the case! It is down to each individual and what makes YOU feel better. Yes, you have options such as JSC lingerie but you need to do your own trial and error to see what is right for you. You shouldn't have to feel any less of a woman or feel anything less than the goddess you are! However, if you are reading this and have yet to try ostomy lingerie then what is stopping you.....these women approved! 

Comment below and share your stories with us.....